GGG & Canelo say the rematch wont go to the judges this time…..

On May 5th, boxing’s pound for pound finest meet again. GGG & Canelo battled to a controversial draw last time out in September. The middleweight’s served up a modern classic for fans in a rare bout pitting the best of the best against each other.

Most believed Golovkin claimed a narrow hard-fought win despite the judges score’s, so GGG will be out to set the record straight this time around –


Golovkin – “I am ready to battle Canelo again and am happy he took this fight again, this is the fight the world wants. This is the fight boxing deserves.

“I didn’t agree with some of the judges’ decisions in the first fight. This time there will be no doubt. I am leaving the ring as THE middleweight champion of the world.”

Alvarez has come out in bullish mood and say’s that he will leave no doubt in the rematch and states he’s going for the knockout –


Canelo – “This time, Golovkin won’t have any excuses regarding the judges because I’m coming to knock him out,”

“I’m delighted to once again participate in one of the most important boxing events in history,” Alvarez said. “This second fight is for the benefit and pleasure of all fans who desire to see the best fight the best.”

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