Roy Sheahan – “If I get near my best I can give anyone in the world trouble”…..

In just over six weeks time, one of Ireland’s most decorated amateurs will make his debut in the pro ranks. Kildare native Roy Sheahan has decided to try his hand in the pro game and will be one of eight middleweight contenders in the inaugural ‘Last Man Standing‘ on Saturday, March 3rd in the national stadium.

With time ticking away, Roy has fully launched himself into full-time training for the tournament and say’s he’s 100% focused on being in peak condition –

roy sheahan

“I think the going pro thing was in my head the last few months really. I was mulling it over and I decided to give it a go now with this tournament. Obviously I’ve had a lot of time out with work commitments, so im playing catch-up on these lads.

“But I’ve thrown myself into it, I’ve taken time off work and im up and down to St.Michaels club in Dublin, training with Steven O’Rourke and his lads. I suppose with being out for a while it’s about getting the fitness and timing back. I need lad’s to be pushing me in the gym and in sparring to get me back to where I was.”

Looking at the tournament format, and it’s something that would surely give Roy an advantage with the three by three minute rounds. And he say’s if he’s near his best he can still give anyone problems –

“Honestly I feel that if I do get near to where I was then over three rounds I can give anyone in the world trouble not just these lad’s. So yeah, it’s a format that could work for me but obviously I have to get the timing and sharpness back. Im due to be having a fight next month in the UK, so that will help get rid of some rust, and then it’s about getting the medicals done and licence sorted and im good to go.”

last man standing

At 33 now, Sheahan says that his decision on joining the pro ranks was always in the back of his mind and something he didn’t want to regret in years to come –

“It’s something I’ve always thought about to be honest. I think any amateur would say the same thing, that they’d like to give it a go. I was actually supposed to sign a deal before christmas but it didnt happen. But for me, im not looking too far ahead, even if I jut have a few fights and do ok il be happy. At least in years to come I can say I gave it a go.

“I suppose im thinking that il go into the last man and have one fight after that, see how I do, weigh it up and see where it takes me from there. At the end of the day, I love to fight, Im really enjoying it, and im at the stage now where im doing it for the love of the sport. Yes, id love to be a world champion one day but I’ve nothing to prove to anyone, I’ve been there and done it in the amateurs and had great success.”

Despite his laid back attitude, you still get a sense that Sheahan is a fierce competitor and the will to win is as strong as ever –

“Make no mistake, id love to win the ‘Last Man’ tournament. At the end of the day I’ve nothing to lose so im here to give it one more blast and some of those ‘0’s are going to go on the night.”

With TG4 announced last night as the official TV broadcaster, it gives Roy and all the other fighters not only a chance to win close to €30,000 but an opportunity to make household names for themselves with pro boxing back on terrestrial tv.
Alongside the ‘Last Man Standing’ eight man middleweight tournament, there is a full undercard featuring some of the best prospects in Ireland. Light-welterweight Victor Rabei 3-0 and Dylan ‘The real deal’ Moran 3-0 have so far been confirmed.
And in what could be the fight of the night, pitting two champions against each other in a Dublin derby, Celtic light-middleweight champ Craig O’Brien and welterweight champ Jay Byrne will battle for the Irish Light-middleweight title.
* You can contact Roy directly for tickets –

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