Regan Buckley – “I want to end the year as Irish champion”…..

In just under a month’s time, one of Ireland’s top prospects Regan ‘The Rocket’ Buckley 2-0 will make another step-up as he travels to Manchester to take on central area champion Craig Derbyshire on Feb 16th in a Bantamweight bout.

Following on from a breakout year in 2017, Regan is looking to continue that progression as he makes hs way up the domestic ladder. KO Boxing News caught up with ‘The Rocket’ ahead of his bout –

regan 2

KO – So, with less than 4 weeks to go, how’s training camp going?

RB – It’s been great, im really picking it all up now, from the cardio, pad-work to the sparring and tactics. I eased into it before, but im into full swing now, with sessions 2-3 times a day.

KO –  Your opponent Craig Derbyshire has a reputation as being aggressive and someone who comes to fight. Will that change how you approach the fight?

RB – No, I dont think so. At the end of the day I love a tear up too. So if he comes to fight il be ok with that. He’s known as a big swinger and a bit wild, so il be using my jab, footwork and look for openings but il push him back when I have to.

KO – Your fighting away from home in Manchester on Craig’s home turf, does that put any extra pressure on you?

RB – No, it wont bother me at all to be honest with you. I’ve got great support coming over to Manchester with me, so they’ll make plenty of noise and add to the atmosphere, so il really thrive off that.

regan buckley

KO – This bout is set at Bantamweight, have you decided to campaign at bantam or move back down to flyweight?

RB – Flyweight is my ideal weight really. Im walking around at 52kg, so I can easily make the weight. The only thing is domestically, it’s tough getting the fights and opponents so I have to move up for the time being. But im aiming for titles at flyweight, that’s my natural weight and il be huge for the division.

KO – And looking ahead then, whats your plan for the rest of the year?

RB – Im looking to have 3-4 more fights this year. Im not 100% certain yet on when my next fight is after February but I want to end the year as Irish champion. I know Luke Wilton wants a crack at the title so il be ready for it whenever when he is.

I also just want to thank my coaches at St.Teresa’s and my sponsors for the support –

3Scaffolding, Coach Inn Bray, Supreme Altitude and Fitness, Nutrition365

* The Kieran Farrell promoted ‘Little Big Men‘ is on February 16th in The Village Hotel, Bury.

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