Exciting times ahead for Victor Rabei…..

One of Ireland’s top prospects, light-welterweight Victor Rabei 3-0 recently signed a promotional deal with Assassin Promotions in what looks like a partnership that will showcase Rabei around the globe, similar to what Assassin have done for Ray Moylette – 

victor rabei 3

“I had a good meeting with Kaz Evans (Head of Assassin) and he outlined his plan for me. It will be similar to Ray Moylette, il be looking to have up to 8 fights this year in locations like the UK, USA, Mexico and of course here in Ireland. So il be aiming to end the year in and around 10-0 if everything goes to plan.”

Victor says that the deal with Assassin has come at the perfect time for him in his career –

“Obviously for me, as a fighter you want to be out and active as often as possible. Ideally id fight every month if I could. But im happy with the plan they laid out for me and the faith and time they’re going to invest in me, and now it’s about me focusing on training, fighting full-time and getting the job done.”

Rabei says that while he’s promoted by Assassin now, he’ll still be working closely with previous promoters Red Corner

“Yeah the plan is that il be back out on March 3rd on the ‘Last Man Standing’ show, which im really looking forward to. Then it looks like a couple of fights abroad then hopefully il end the year with a Celtic title shot back here in Dublin on a Red Corner show.

“I always said im in this sport to do big things and make a name for myself, so this deal will help me to do that. I dont want to look back in 10 years time and say ‘what if’, so im in it to take tough fights and build my name and reputation.”

“I also want to welcome my new sponsors Nutrition365 to my team. And to thank my current sponsors Fulfil Nutrition. Im also open to new sponsors to come on board, so they can get in touch with me directly.”

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