INTERVIEW: Jason Quigley – Part 2

Not content with just working his way back up the middleweight ladder, Jason Quigley 13-0 (10 ko’s) is aiming for the top names in the division and has set his sights firmly on the fighters at the top of the rankings. ‘El Animal’ says that by the end of the year he aims to make the current world champions to sit up and take notice –

jason quigley 3

“2018 will be my year. With the way im training and the hunger and motivation I have back, all the world champions will be worrying about me. With the fights im targeting against guys at the top end of the rankings, Il be making a big statement and making sure everyone knows my name this year.”

Looking at the middleweight division, and there’s top quality fights to be made, with GGG-Canelo due to fight again in May, Billy Joe Saunders is the current WBO champ and stablemate of Quigley’s, and closer to home there’s a trio of world-class contenders with Quigley, Spike O’Sullivan and Andy Lee. And Quigley see’s himself right in the mix with those names –

“To be honest, I believe im at the Andy Lee level, Spike had a great win there recently and he’s in the mix too, and the three of us are right up there for world title fights. In terms of fighting Andy Lee or Spike, once they’re put in front of me I dont care who they are, im there to take them out and move towards my goal which is becoming a world champion.”

Jason has also thrown his support behind ‘Ireland’s Last Man Standing’ 8 man middleweight tournament due to start on March 3rd, and says he’s fully behind the fighters involved –

“Look im 100% behind the idea and the tournament. I think it’s great and il get behind it and support the lads involved in it. For me, maybe if I was 3-0 or 4-0 I definitely would have entered it, but im focused on my journey at the moment.”

jason quigley 4

The Donegal native says that 2018 is about getting active again as he works towards his goal of becoming world champion –

“Im looking to have 4-6 fights this year and keep active. Im hoping to be fighting in Boston, New York, Chicago. Im going to be taking on big names against ranked fighters so that I can be in a position by the end of the year to fight for world titles in 2019.

“With the lay-off, I feel like a lion that’s been locked in a cage and im about to be released. Now im hunting down all the top ranked guys in the division.”

“Id also just like to thank my sponsors for the support – McElhinney’s Department store, Jacksons’s hotel Ballybofey, The Villa Rose hotel Ballybofey, Golden Boy, Sheer Sports

With his hunger, desire and natural ability, there’s no doubt ‘El Animal’ will stay true to his word and challenge for world honours over the next year or so. And with boxing in Ireland booming again, Jason Quigley could just be the man to fly the flag on the world scene.

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