INTERVIEW: Jason Quigley – Part 1

Donegal middleweight Jason Quigley 13-0 (10 ko’s) is a man on a mission. Following a lay-off of nearly a year, dating back to last March when he broke his hand in his win over Glen Tapia, he’s keener then ever to get back in action and make up for lost time as he sets his sights on world titles.

Tha man nicknamed ‘El Animal’ has made some big changes in his career lately. He recently relocated from LA and has based himself over in Sheffield as he teams up with new trainer Dominic Ingle. Quigley says the change in location and trainer was about getting back to basics and getting that hunger and desire back –

jasonquigley 2

“Honestly, it’s been on my mind for a while now. I think my last 2-3 fights I was kind of on autopilot. I just think everything was going to smooth, like I was based in a $4,000 a month apartment in LA in beautiful surroundings and it was all centred there.

“To me, after a while it just didnt feel right or fit the bill anymore. I wanted to get back to my people and back to where it all started for me, back to the people that supported and motivated me from day one and helped get me to where I am now. I just felt like I was too long away from home and I needed to get back to my roots.”

Jason says that the link-up with new trainer Dominic Ingle has gone perfectly and he feels like he’s the man to get him back to his best –

“I’ve fitted right in there with Dominic and the team, with Kell Brook, Kid Galahad and the other lads. It’s like a big family really and it feels like I’ve always been a part of it. Myself and Dominic Just clicked and gelled right away. When I was looking for a trainer, he was top of my list, I admired his work and the natural style of his fighters.


“He’s not going to change anything too much, just little things here and there. Like when I was over in the states, there was a real Mexican kind of style they wanted where it’s all-action all the time whereas now Dominic will be getting me back to basics using my speed, movement and natural ability more.

“With the move, Il be based in Sheffield and training there and Fuerteventura. It also means il be able to see the family back home a lot more. At the end of the day, this is a tough sport so it help’s having that network of family and friends close by.”

Quigley will still be promoted by Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions, and he expect’s to get back in the ring very soon with a fight to be announced shortly –

“To be honest, I sat down and talked with my team and Golden Boy about the next fight, we’re hoping to release a date and venue next week. It’s looking like il be back out in March probably on the east coast, maybe Boston or New York. Looking ahead, I know Golden Boy are keen to do something over here in Ireland and bring some show here and I want to be the main man for them headlining over here.”

* Dont miss Part 2 of our interview. We discuss the current middleweight division, globally and domestically in Ireland. Potential opponents, title fights and Jason’s plan for the next 12 months.

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