IT’S ON – Joshua v Parker set for March 31st in Cardiff, Wales

It’s finally been confirmed that WBA & IBF Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and WBO champ Joseph Parker will meet in a unification bout on March 31st at the principality stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

After a lot of speculation and prolonged negotiations, these two will finally meet in an intriguing battle of two young hard-hitting heavyweights. And it’s a challenge that Joshua is relishing –


“I like to fight, that’s the main objective, and it’s showing I’m never shy of a competition,” said Joshua,

“He’s a respectable competitor, he is the WBO heavyweight champion of the world, so it’s like one step closer to adding a strap to my legacy. That’s what makes it exciting.”

While Parker says he is out to shock the world and prove that he’s the top mn in the division –

“Anthony Joshua is in for a huge shock, a couple of months ago I heard him say ‘why should I be worried about this little kid from New Zealand’?

“Well, now he’s about to find out. The world is about to find out whether AJ can really take a punch. My entire existence is now devoted to proving what the boxing world already knows.”

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