Top Prospects: Feargal McCrory

In our Top Prospects series, were looking at some of the top prospects in boxing at the moment. Not just young boxer’s, but prospects who at any age are starting out and who have the potential to really do something in the sport, and who have already shown glimpses of what they can do.

Earlier this week I caught up with Coalisland native and hard-hitting Super-featherweight prospect Feargal McCrory 7-0 (3 ko’s). McCrory announced himself on the scene last year with 4 wins including 2 stoppages. He also made it on to our ‘Top Prospects for 2018‘ list. He’s back out on February 3rd in The Europa Hotel, Belfast on the MHD promoted ‘Assassins Creed’ show –

feargal mccrory

KO – Your back out on Feb 3rd against Rafael Castillo, how’s training been going?

FMC – Training has been great and as tough as always. John Breen and Eamonn Magee push me to the limit every night to make sure I’m ready when I step in the ring and it fills me with great confidence after a gruelling camp.

KO – You really announced yourself on the scene with your performances last year. How important is it now to keep that momentum going?

FMC – Yes I had some great wins last year and showed people that I can really fight. We took the positives from those performances but we have been working hard on the things I didn’t do correctly. It’s very important that I keep the momentum going and the performances get better and better as the quality of opposition will only get better.

KO – With 3 of your 4 wins last year against fighters with winning records, do you think your ready for a step-up towards title level?

FMC – I feel I am ready for a step up for a title, possibly an international or European ranking belt but I leave all that to John and once we get an opportunity for one of those belts we will step up and take it.

feargal mccrory 2

KO – Looking domestically it’s a great division right now at super-feather. Is there anyone your hoping to line up?

FMC – There is no fighter in particular I’m looking at. I look at the best in the division at world level and compare myself to those men as ultimately, that is where I want to be. That said, if any prospect or contender wants to fight and it makes sense for me, then I’d be delighted to step up and take it.

KO – And then looking ahead, what’s your plan for the next 12 months?

FMC – My plans aren’t set in stone but if all goes well and I have a little bit of luck on my side, I’d like to be Commonwealth champion before Christmas. Have 3 more fights and have a crack at that belt in my 11th fight. If it happens great, if not we will look about other options.

I also just want to thank my sponsors – PK Murphy, Set Build NI, O’Neill and Brady Contracts, Hagans Bar, Diamond Bookmakers Pomeroy, Cuba Clothing, Blacktop Tar Enhancer.
And a special mention to my employers E. Quinn Contracts.

* Tickets for ‘ASSASSINS CREED‘ on Feb 3rd in the Europa Hotel, Belfast are on sale and can be purchased through any of the fighters involved.


One thought on “Top Prospects: Feargal McCrory

  1. Fergal Mc Crory is one off the most dedicated young me that I have had the privilege to trim and look after ! Fergal recently has been working in Derry He gets up quite early in the morning ‘ goes for a run Gets back to the house ‘ has his breakfast and then heads to Derry Does his days work and then heads back to BELFAST and does his training ! That’s 5 Days a week ! That’s what I call dedication! Hopefully this year we can start pushing up the rankings and look for MAJOR TITLES ! With his big band off SUPPORTERS ‘ behind him I KNOW THIS KID CAN RISE TO THE OCCASION!


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