Regan Buckley aims for a breakout year in 2018….

One of Ireland’s top prospects, Regan ‘The Rocket’ Buckley is someone who is willing to take risks and challenges as he looks to progress in the pro ranks. The Bray Flyweight is back in action on the Kieran Farrell promoted ‘Little Big Men’ in Bury, Manchester on February 16th.

Regan took time out of training to talk to KO Boxing News about his first fight in the UK and his plans for the year ahead as he builds towards title fights –

regan buckley

KO – Your back out on Feb 16th in Manchester, working with Kieran Farrell. Will you be promoted by Kieran going forward or can we expect to see you fighting in Ireland in 2018?

RB – Things seem to run a lot smoother over in England compared to what we’re used to. Within a couple of days of agreeing to fight on the show Kieran had opponents, weights, and posters organised. The first lad he had scheduled to fight me didn’t get back to him within 3 days so Kieran had another opponent confirmed on the fourth day. It’s really professional and well organised.

I’m not saying I wont fight in Ireland, if a fight is offered and its the right fight, and importantly if my team thinks its right for me to box back here after the let downs on Celtic Clash 4 because my team worked very hard to get me back on the road after that. I’m very thankful to Kieran for putting me on the show.

KO – Your back fighting at super-flyweight. Will you be campaigning there going forward?

RB – I would prefer to be fighting at flyweight, I am 52.8kg this morning on the scales which is 0.7kg over the superfly limit so im basically walking around at this weight. Im feeling really strong at the weight, and im throwing punches with bad intentions. I’ve proved that I can go to super-bantam and beat an intermediate champion and unbeaten pro but id hope to box around my natural weight from here on out.

regan 2

KO – How important is it to build momentum next year at the weight class?

RB – Building momentum is secondary to learning my trade and improving my skills. We’ve said it from day one that we don’t want to move too fast but we want good tough fights. My coach Mark Buckley knows my shortcomings and the way to constantly improve on these is to keep testing myself against good tough opponents.

I do believe boxing at my own weight next year people will start to take notice. Craig Derbyshire is going to be a tough test and there wont be any room for error in this fight because he’s a big banger, but my dad will have me 100% ready for anything on fight night like he always does.

KO – Looking ahead then, what’s your plan then for the next 12 months?

RB – My plan for 2018 is to work on my trade, spend a lot of time in the gym ironing out any wrinkles. And hopefully fight for a Celtic and Irish title in 2018 and any other belts on offer across the water. Whoever my team decides that I’m fighting, I’m ready to go.

Id just like thank my coaches Mark Buckley, Tony Mullen, Joe Coster, and Ger Walsh from St.Teresas Boxing club pushing me in the gym every day.

I also  want to thank my sponsors for their support – huge thanks to 3Scaffolding and Glenn Currums who’ve been my main financial support and payed for me to go to Manchester this year where I met Kieran for the first time and always supporting me financially for all my fights, I couldn’t do it without them.


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