Mathew Fitzsimons is working towards title fights in 2018…..

It’s fair to say talented Super-featherweight Mathew Fitzsimons has had a stop-start pro career to date. The Kieran Farrell promoted fighter currently boasts a 3-0 (2 ko’s) record but he aims to really build on that as he works towards a breakout year in 2018.

For any boxing fans unfamiliar with Fitzsimons, at 6ft 2′ he is freakishly big for the weight, but not only does he possess a height and reach advantage over most opponents, he also carries genuine power in both hands making him a serious prospect for the year ahead.

KO Boxing News caught up with Matthew to see what his plans are for 2018 –

matt fitz

KO – Your 3-0 now, still relatively new in the pros, was it always your ambition to turn pro?
MF – From when I started boxing it’s always been my plan. I don’t like amateur boxing, it’s completely different to professional so ive always wanted to turn pro and build my career that way. I had no dreams of Olympics, Europeans etc. My plan was to go pro and learn the craft and eventually make my name the hard way.
KO – In terms of training,what has been the main differences since you’ve turned pro?
MF – To be honest I didn’t fight amateur for over a year before I went pro. I stayed in the gym and trained with and sparred pros that whole time. I changed my style as in I stopped constantly being on my toes, sit down over my punches and take my time.

That’s why from my amateur career to my pro career everyone has been shocked at the difference and the improvement that I have made. The biggest thing for me turning pro was settling down, not being so hyper and take my time instead of rushing with 6-7 punch combinations.


matt fitz 2
KO – Your last fight was in April, how important is it for you now to build momentum next year?
MF – My last fight was in April and I fought a decent fighter Michael Barnor who had 14 wins and 10 KO’s and honestly I think he landed 2-3 punches that fight, so I was really happy with the performance.
The hardest part for me is getting fights, I need more sponsors to come on board so I can fight regularly, starting with Manchester in February on Kieran’s next show.
KO – For any boxing fans not familiar with you, how would you describe your style?
MF – My style, its awkward for a start! I’m a 6ft 2 super featherweight, im a hard to hit counter puncher, but I have serious power in both hands. Anyone that’s sparred with me or took me on the pads will tell you that, but my speed is my best skill and with a 73 inch reach that makes it even harder for my opponents
KO – looking ahead, whats your plan for the next year ?
MF – Next year I want 4 or 5 fights and maybe one on an undercard of a big show. That’s what I want, then in 2019 I’ll push for titles. I’m still learning and I’m only 21 so I have time on my side!
I want to thank my sponsors who have helped me out. Sponsors are the main key starting off an athlete’s career ,we need them to help build our records and the money helps put us on shows. I want to thank – Kelstar chippy in Anderson town and now Pizza Guys who always helped me from I turned professional!  Hula Print in Poleglass. Kingsway butchers in Dunmurry who supply me with the best meat parcels in the business. Beckett’s bar in twinbrook and Pure class fitness in twinbrook who let me use their facilities. And also the best tattooist in the business Darren Livingstone of Sink the Ink in castle Street Belfast who bought me my gear for my last fight, unfortunately I didn’t get to use it as the fight got cancelled but they’ll be getting used very very soon!

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