EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Treacy to turn pro in 2018…

Highly touted National novice champion Eddie Treacy has confirmed he will turn to the pro ranks in 2018.

Eddie spoke exclusively here to KO Boxing News about his decision and to outline his plans for the year ahead –

eddie treacy

KO – So what made you finally decide to turn professional?

ET – I’ve been back involved with the sport now for a few years and got a real hunger and desire back for it. I was a national novice champion and had a couple of semi-pro fights so that really gave me the buzz for it. You know coming out to the music, your friends and family there cheering you on and with my style, it’s more suited to the pros anyway.

KO – And when can we expect to see you make your debut?

ET – Yeah im working towards early February or March for my debut. Il be campaigning around middleweight

KO – And in terms of training, will there big adjustments to what you’re doing?

ET – In terms of training for it, im in the gym all the time with Mark & Tony, and we’ve got a great team of lads there pushing each other on with myself, Regan Buckley & James Cahill. 

I suppose now, it’s all about upping the intensity in my work. Im aiming to train before and after work so im taking it really seriously and doing everything right. Im fully committed to it and id train 7 days a week if I had to.

KO – And for boxing fans not familiar with you, how would you describe your style?

ET – I guess you could say im an aggressive, come-forward fighter. Im not technical, I come forward and I like to fight. Im really determined and once I get through the ropes I want to get to work and do some damage. So my style is suited to the pro’s anyway, so there wont be a huge change in the way I’ve been fighting.

KO – And look ahead, whats your plan for 2018 –

ET – Im aiming to have 4 or 5 fights next year and keep busy. obviously kicking off in February or March and moving on from there. Possibly looking at fighting for a Celtic or Irish title in 2019. And with boxing booming again in Ireland it’s a great time to turn pro with the amount of shows on and competition out there so hopefully I can add something to the mix.

It looks like Irish boxing has another talented, determined fighter to get behind. With Eddie’s crowd-pleasing style, he’s sure to be involved in some great fights over the next few years as he makes his way up the domestic ladder.


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