Interview with promoter Kieran Farrell…

It’s fair to say that boxing is booming again, both in Ireland and the UK, with shows on most weeks up and down the country. One man who’s been there and done it as a fighter and has been running his own shows for just under two years now is Kieran Farrell.

As a fighter Kieran was known as determined, dogged and hard-working. Traits he’s carried over to the promotional ranks and something that he expects from all his fighters in return –

kieran farrell 1

“I suppose I say im a real ‘fighter’s promoter’. I give over 100% to any fighter with me regardless if they’re a journeyman or title challenger. And I just look for the same commitment back from the lads. Il always do everything I can to try to get the lads out fighting, whether it’s lining up fights at sort notice or getting them on big shows.

“Recently I’ve managed to get some lads out on the Ryan Burnett card on SKY Sports and I had some lads out on the Frampton card on Boxnation, so Il always go out of my way or go to my contacts to get a fighter work because I know what it’s like as a fighter. ”

While Kieran admits he loves what he does, there’s also a lot of sacrifice that goes with it-

“At the end of the day I do really enjoy the promoting side of it. Theres so many up’s and down’s that go with it, like for me seeing Darryl Sharp go and win an Area title was unbelievable, I was so proud and happy for him. He’s one of those guys that’s a road warrior and hit’s the road every week to fight and it was special seeing him get that title.

“Obviously you have the other side of it where you risk being out-of-pocket or a show falling through which has happened to me. The one in Belfast we had on in the Devenish and McGlinchy had to pull out through injury was tough. After his injury I had other lad’s that got injured and then I had problem’s matching lad’s for whatever reason.

“I remember doing everything to save the show right up to the last-minute but it just wasn’t meant to be and I was gutted for the lads due to fight. Thats how it goes sometimes unfortunately and I lost a few pounds but it’s all been part of a learning curve for me.”

kieran farrell 3

Looking ahead, Kieran is accumulating a really promising group of young fighters that could go on to challenge for honours over the next year or so –

“Im lucky enough to work with some great young fighters. There’s Danny Craven 3-1, who I believe is one of the best Welterweight prospects in the country. Once he sticks to his training he can go so far and challenge for domestic title hopefully.

“I also have Dylan Moran 3-0. Dylan’s an interesting one, he used to kickbox and I was hearing a lot about him, and I remember getting him in for a spar against one of our top lads to have a look at him, he really held his own and honestly you would have paid £50 quid to watch this fight it was that good! So im hoping to keep him busy and work towards title fights with him.

“There’s also Matthew Fitzsimons 3-0 who I call ‘The Freak’ because he’s a 6’2 Featherweight which is unbelievable. I remember going over to Belfast to have a look at him and to sign him after Dee Walsh was talking to me about him. I was really impressed with him from the start, and when we had him on the bill in Belfast in April, he put on the best performance of the night. The guy we had him in against went to knock Matthew out but Matthew bossed the fight and was really impressive, so he’s another one with a big year ahead of him.”

“Another lad im really excited about working with is Regan Buckley 2-0 from Ireland. We had him over for some sparring to get a look at him and before I wasnt sure on him. But to be honest, I was blown away by him. You look at him and he’s this fresh-faced flyweight kid but he’s like a smiling assassin! He’s so strong in there, has so much talent and he really puts the work in in the gym. Im hoping to have him out on a show with us early in the new year, so hopefully I can confirm that soon enough.”

Kieran is aiming to hit the road again soon as he eyes up another year of building the promotion –

kieran farrell 2

“Yeah hopefully we’ll be back out in Manchester in February, im hoping to have that confirmed pretty soon. Then it’s shows every month right up to May and then from September on. Funnily enough im even putting on a show the day I get married in September, luckily my missis is as mad as I am.

“At the end of the day, Id say I’ve learned a lot, earned a few quid and lost a few quid along the way but thats how it goes. I think sometimes I learn more from the people who get beaten and manage to get back up and bounce back from it. So hopefully I can use that and build on it next year.”

It’s refreshing to see such passion, commitment and honesty from people like Kieran. With his knowledge of boxing, hunger to develop his fighters and put on shows up and down the country, he’s someone who can only add to the sport as the years go on.

Photo credit: Squared Circle photography & design

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