New Faces: Graham McCormack

Limerick Light-middleweight Graham ‘G-Train’ McCormack makes his eagerly awaited debut this Saturday on Celtic Clash 4 in the national stadium, Dublin.

The Limerick native is relishing the challenge ahead and has already made sacrifices to adapt to the pro ranks, but he says having the support of the people of Limerick has helped spur him on –

graham mccormack

KO – Was it always your ambition to turn pro?

GMC – I suppose like everyone that starts boxing they dream of someday being a professional boxer. It was the same for me and when I came back to the sport last year I had a real hunger and ambition for it

KO – Your making your debut this Saturday, how has your first pro training camp gone?

GMC – My first training camp has been brilliant. When im at home in Limerick my training is in functional fitness were I focus on my strength & conditioning with my S&C coach Noel Bowen.

When im up in Dublin my boxing training is done in Eddie Hyland’s & Tommy McCormack’s gym who both coach me. Eddie has been amazing and really has helped me to change to the pro style and helped me adapt to what I have to do. So my first camp has been really enjoyable and a great learning camp for me

KO – In terms of training, compared to the amateurs what has been the main difference since you’ve turned pro?

GMC – Training in the amateurs is great but it’s not as intense as the pros. It takes a lot of mental preparation to train as a professional, a lot of sacrifices have to be made and I’ve made them, so in terms of training it’s very different but I love every minute of it.


KO – For any boxing fans not familiar with you yet, how would you describe your style?

GMC – I would describe my style as a boxer with boxing ability but im aggressive and love to get into a fight. Im also happy to mix it up in the middle of the ring.

KO – You seem to have a lot of support from the people of Limerick, how much has that helped spur you on in training?

GMC – The support I have received from my city has been just amazing. They have all been behind me in a big way and I have a lot of people coming up to support me on the 2nd of December. It gives me that extra drive to work hard knowing that there’s so many behind me

KO – And looking ahead, whats the plan for you for next year?

GMC – Il be honest with you, im just focused and looking at the 2nd of December. My eyes are completely focused on my debut right now.

GMC – Id just like to thank all my sponsors. They’ve all helped me in a big way and Im very grateful to all of them – Functional fitness, dual nature, Unity gospel choir Limerick, living art tattoo studio, Sms solutions, Rival nutrition, Frontline EMS, PRO GUM, LT Embroidery

* Tickets for Celtic Clash 4 this Saturday Dec 2nd in the national stadium, Dublin are on sale through any of the fighters involved or through Ticketmaster.


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