EXCLUSIVE: Jono Carroll – “I want that world title and those major fights”

Following on from his thrilling stoppage win over Humberto de Santiago on Saturday, newly crowned IBF inter-continental champ Jono ‘King Kong’ Carroll 15-0 is looking ahead and ready to launch an assault on the division’s finest –

jono-carroll (2)

” It was great getting the win and getting that top 15 world ranking. Now it’s all about climbing that world ladder towards those big fights. I want that world title and those major fights with the elite of the division, that’s what excites me. I want to eventually wrap up the division and move up through the weight divisions.

To be honest, claiming the inter-continental belt wasnt a shock to me, I came into the fight fully focused and confident of the win, so I treated it just like another day at the office. And to me it was another opportunity to provide for my family. ”

Jono says the cuts over his eyes didn’t surprise him and it was something he was expecting –

” To be honest, I actually got that cut 3 weeks ago in sparring. So it really affected the amount of sparring I could do in camp. I think I only got something like 2 weeks of sparring in. But the cut opening back up didn’t surprise me, I just got on with it. It’s not too bad, but obviously il just have to be careful with it for the next while, it wont set me back too much and I should be back out in March or April.


With being the opening fight on the Boxnation/BT Sports TV coverage, Jono was keen to make a statement –

“Obviously with being up first on the tv coverage I wanted to look good and make a statement with my performance. With my opponent stepping in so late my team didnt have any footage of him, just that he had 11 ko’s in his 15 wins so he had a bit of pop.

So, my plan was to start fast and throw a lot of punches and see what he had early on. In the buildup I was working a lot on my power shots, slowing certain shots down and looking to finish my combinations on big power shots, so I was happy with how it went.”

It’s fair to say that the future is bright for ‘King Kong‘. With the IBF European and now the Inter-continental belt, he’s in a great position to land those big fights he craves.

You get the sense that he was made for the big stage and will only improve with each fight and with his exciting, all-action style, he’s a match for anyone in the division right now.

Photo credit – thefightingirish.ie



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