New Faces: Martin Quinn

In our New Faces series were talking to new prospects in the pro game. Earlier this week we caught up with exciting Dublin Lightweight prospect Martin Quinn –

martin quinn cc4

KO – You had a good amateur record, was it always your ambition to turn pro?

MQ – My coach Seany Carton actually put it to me about going pro, and I grabbed the opportunity. I love the sport and I suppose I always had it in the back of my mind.

KO – In terms of training, has there been a big difference since you’ve turned pro?

MQ – Yeah there’s been a big change. Obviously now im pro I’ve a lot more to lose so it makes you more focused. But the trainings been more intense, with more cardio and strength work. Most of its new to me, so im learning all the time in the gym. And then im doing extra work with Wayne McCabe in Crumlin for strength and conditioning .

KO – For any boxing fans not familiar with you, how would you describe your style?

MQ – Look im not the most technical, I suppose you can say im a tough nut that like’s to get in the middle of the ring and bang away. But now im learning to pick my shots a bit better and bring new things into my game. But il still get in there and have a tear up!

KO – Your back in the ring on Dec 2nd on Celtic Clash 4 in the National Stadium , and looking ahead, whats the plan for you for the next year or so?

MQ – Yeah im hoping to have three 4 rounders and then have one or two decent 6 rounders. Then my goal is fight for an Irish title. By the end of next year il be banging down the door for a title shot. Im 30 years old so im not here to mess about, I want good, tough fights.

MQ – I also just want to thank my sponsors for their support – BT Cleaning, Smileys Turkish barbers and Halfway Cabs

* You can buy tickets directly from Martin for Celtic Clash 4 on Sat Dec 2nd or from any of the fighters involved.

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