Jay Byrne aims to end the year on a high…

Popular Dublin Welterweight Jay Byrne is looking to finish a busy and eventful year in style when he takes on Gerard ‘Crank’ Whitehouse for the Celtic Welterweight title on Celtic Clash 4 on December 2nd in the national stadium, Dublin.

This will be Byrne’s 8th fight this year after having a series of fights in the UK on Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom shows on Sky Sports. Byrne thinks this experience will only benefit him on Dec 2nd against Crank –

jay byrne

” This is my 8th fight this year and it’s Crank’s 8th career fight. So I have that great experience from the past year and against a better level of opposition too. Will he be better than Felix Cash or Josh Kelly, no he wont. Will he hit as hard as them, no. So if they couldn’t put a dent in me then I don’t see what he can bring to the table that worry’s me”

Looking ahead to the fight, I wanted to know how Jay see’s it playing out –

” Im going to go in there and pressure him, put it on him the whole fight and meet him in the middle of the ring. I just think overall im a better fighter. I’ve a better jab, I’ve a reach advantage, im fitter, fight at a better pace, im more active. There’s nothing he can throw at me that I havent seen before, so I dont know what he can do.

” Dont get me wrong, he’s a decent fighter, had a good amateur career but this is the pro’s and I think il be too big and strong for him in there. ”

This will be Jay’s 3rd fight with new trainer Declan Geraghty Snr, and already he’s seen improvements –

” It’s going well, things are starting to come naturally. In my last fight in Scotland against John Thain I was using a lot more movement and upper body movement and making him miss. So im growing in confidence and it’s all positive at the moment. ”

So, after a rollercoaster year, Jay is hoping this win will cap things off –

” Yeah it’s been a crazy year. Initially when I turned pro, my ambition was to win 1 fight. Now im here fighting for the belt in front of my home fans and I can’t wait for this fight and claim my first pro title and end the year on a real high. ”

jay vs crank

* Tickets for Celtic Clash 4 are now on sale and can be purchased through Jay or any of the fighters involved or on Ticketmaster.

* You can see the latest from Jay Byrne on his Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/JayByrneKO/




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