Exclusive interview with Jono Carroll…

Nearly 3 years to the day of their first fight, Jono Carroll and Declan Geraghty will finally have the rematch that boxing fans have been waiting for. On November 18th in Belfast on the Carl Frampton undercard, two of Irish boxing’s finest will do battle again.

KO Boxing News caught up with Jono ‘King Kong’ Carroll to talk about training and preparations for his upcoming rematch and how he sees it playing out –


“First off, trainings going great. Im always in the gym keeping fresh so im already fit and sharp. Im living the life properly and doing things right so im good to go.

” I’ve got good sparring lined up, initially I was supposed to spar John Quigley (Carroll went 12 rounds with Quigley to claim the IBF European belt) but he picked up an injury, so now im in with Jazza Dickens for a week. He’s similar to Geraghty so il do a week with him and then move on to Glasgow for the last 4 weeks to fine tune things ahead of the fight ”

Looking back on the first fight, it was awarded the Irish ‘Fight of the year’ , I wanted to know if Jono sees the fight playing out differently this time around –


” When we fought then, it was my first fight in a year, I only had 2 fight’s in 2 years before that, so I was a novice at that stage. But the fight helped build my profile and won some awards which was great. Now im a seasoned pro at this stage, living the life and doing it properly.

” Honestly, I don’t know how he’s going to last in there with me over 12 rounds. I just dont think he has the heart to stick it out in there and he doesn’t want it as much as I do. Im planning to go in there and pressure him, stay on him the whole time and eventually break him down and smash him up over the distance. Im going to finally put this to bed and move on with my career.

” And to be honest with you, im delighted we both didn’t have fights before this. I said from the start I didnt think he’d go through with it, so now there’s no excuse for him to pull out with an injury or cut or whatever. ”

Looking ahead, Jono has some big plans for the next year and says a jump in weight could be on the cards as he chases those big title fights –

” I might move back down to featherweight, im making super-feather really easy at the moment so that could be on the cards once im not weight-drained.

” Il take any fight out there at feather, Scott Quigg, Josh Warrington, id happily take those fights and I think they’re winnable fights for me with my style. But do they want to fight me? Probably not since im a huge risk for them but if the opportunity comes then im taking it. I’ve always said il take risks and jump at those big fights when the chance comes.

” I told you before I want to go to America and fight there and build my profile and that’s still the plan. Im hoping to fight a top 10 ranked fighter and put myself in line for a title fight. That’s what im looking at, no disrespect to the European belt, but I want those big names and world titles. But I’ve got to take care of business next month first. ”

jono-carroll (1)

Jono’s last fight in Dublin was the Geraghty fight 3 years ago, and I wanted to know when he sees himself headlining back on home turf –

” Id love to, to be honest id have loved the fight with Geraghty to headline in Dublin but it didn’t happen. It’s hard to say when it will happen and against who, but im hoping eventually I can headline back home with title fights. ”

One man domestically who’s making waves is new Celtic featherweight champion Eric Donovan, and I wondered if a potential match could be on the cards down the line –

” Obviously Eric Donovan is doing his thing and he’s a really good fighter, someone who I loved watching in the amateurs. He’s got a big heart and he’s great to watch, but im a lot younger, fresher and hungrier and I just dont think he’d want to fight me. I think there’s easier fights out there for him if he’s chasing European titles but we’ll see. ”

So, with just over a month to go, Jono Carroll is raring to go and hopes to finally settle matters with Declan Geraghty on November 18th in Belfast. If the fight lives up to the hype and is anything like their first fight then boxing fans are in for a treat in what could be another ‘Fight of the year’ candidate.

* You can see the latest from Jono on Facebook & Instagram  –



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