GGG V Canelo lives up to the hype despite the judge’s scoring….

After 12 pulsating rounds of top quality action on Saturday, fight fans are again unfortunately talking about the judge’s scorecards instead of the top class fight we witnessed.

First of all, we can’t blame GGG or Canelo for the result. They both came to fight and treated fans to one of the fight’s of the year. In a rare occurrence these days, it was a pay-per view fight that actually delivered on its promise.


GGG looked as good and as commanding as he ever has, especially in the 2nd half of the fight when he stalked Canelo and walked him down. The talk of GGG being on the decline is total nonsense as he showed that he’s still one of the best boxers in the world with his display on Saturday. He showed everything he’s been known and feared for over the years and is well within his right to be annoyed at the decision despite Canelo proclaiming he won the fight.

Canelo for his part done everything he could. He hit and moved, stayed in the pocket and traded when he had to and landed those body shots he’s known for. He also showed that he has a granite chin and belong’s at middleweight. He can be proud of his performance against one of the best middleweights to ever lace up the gloves.


But all of the above is tainted by yet another horrible judging decision. This time from Adalaide Bird with a shocking score of 118-110 to Canelo. I think it’s fair to say that most people watching the fight had GGG winning by anything from 2 to 6 rounds. Hopefully boxing can learn from this and put an end to shocking decisions like this. As yet another fighter is denied a victory.

The only saving grace for fans, is that we will hopefully get treated to a rematch between these warriors.

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