GGG Vs Canelo: Preview & Prediction….

It’s finally here. The fight that boxing has been waiting for and its the fight that boxing needs after the Mayweather-McGregor circus. Make no bones about it, this is as good a fight as you can make in the world of boxing regardless of weight class. It’s a throwback fight pitting two world-class champions against each other. Think of Hagler-Hearns or Hagler-Leonard and this fight will surely be talked about in the same way in years to come.



Canelo Alvarez has been touted as boxing’s next superstar for many years now, and at 26 is at his physical peak and ready to take over Mayweather’s mantle as the king of boxing. He has a string of top quality wins over the likes of Mosley, Cotto, Khan, Lara, Kirkland, Chavez Jnr and Austin Trout over the past few years. In the buildup, the confident Mexican has said he wants to make a statement and he plans to knock GGG out.

Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin has reigned supreme in the middleweight division, notching up a record of 37-0 (33 ko’s) along the way, that’s an 89% knockout rate in case you were wondering! He’s destroyed all in front of him over the last few years and has finally got the high-profile pay-per-view fight he’s long craved.

Critic’s have been saying that GGG has been on the decline and has faded slightly, most notably in his last fight against Danny Jacobs. Golovkin has said himself that this fight wouldn’t have happened if he knocked Jacobs out. While Canelo has been flirting with the middleweight division for years now, going between light-middle and catchweight’s in between. Obviously he feels now is the right time to make his move on the middleweight king. So, how will the fight play out….



Where this fight can be won for Canelo is – speed, timing, footwork, three areas I think he has an advantage over GGG. I think Canelo can make GGG miss and make him pay, then he stands a chance of slowing down the middleweight monster’s forward momentum. Im not saying Canelo needs to run and hide all night to cancel out GGG’s aggression completely, but he must break it up and take his chances when they come.

Canelo needs to attack the body when he’s up close and move back out of range if he wants to slow GGG down. The one thing Canelo needs to do is get GGG’s respect early and let him know he’s in for a rough night’s work. That will eventually involve standing and trading with the Kazakh, which could play into GGG’s hands. If GGG can walk through Canelo’s best shots, especially early on, then it could be an early night for the Mexican.

GGG being a natural middleweight will hold an edge in power and strength, but it’s how he uses that advantage that will decide the fight. He will need to cut off the ring and fight Canelo up close, letting his hand’s go at every opportunity he gets. If he can’t manage to pin the Mexican down, then he could be chasing the fight as the rounds go by…

Make no mistake, this fight will live up to the hype. At some stage fans are going to be treated to a toe to toe war and im expecting 12 tough rounds of high quality action. We could even be in for a trilogy if the fight plays out like we all expect.


Canelo wins on points – split decision

Agree or disagree, then leave your opinion below….



2 thoughts on “GGG Vs Canelo: Preview & Prediction….

  1. Good breakdown I have a breakdown on my page as well. I think Canelo will shock the world but at the same time. If he gets in the ring and has the Curtis stevens face.. its pretty much over. But if he takes a good punch well, its going to be a long night for golovkin


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