Manny Bique ‘Im relentless and fight with all my heart’

In the latest installment of our New Faces series, we caught up with standout Caribbean amateur Manny Bique.  Manny is making his pro debut at super-middleweight on Oct 7th on the Red Corner promotions show in the national stadium, Dublin.


KO –  You had a great amateur record, was it always an ambition of yours to turn pro?

MB – Yeah, you know, I had a really good amateur record. I was a Caribbean champion and a natural middleweight. When I came to Ireland I began raining in Crumlin with Phil Sutcliffe who wanted me to compete straight in with the seniors, where I done really well, and obviously the opportunity came for me to fight professionally.

KO – For any Irish boxing fans not familiar with you, how would you describe your style?

MB – I would say im similar to De La Hoya. Im relentless and fight with all my heart. I fight for the people, I want to show them im someone who came from nothing and can go and achieve something in this sport.

Style-wise, im a powerful puncher and throw a lot of shots, I think im someone who will be knocking a lot of people out. Even in sparring I can see the effect my punches have.

KO – And looking at your debut (Manny is due to fight Vladimir Belujsky) , it’s certainly a tough fight that has a lot of people talking –

MB – You know, im confident in my own abilities. im not worried about Vladimir, the question is, is he worried about me?

KO – And how has training been going since you turned pro?

MB – Im training every day, id fight tomorrow if I could! Im ready for it now. In september il be fine-tuning what im doing and il be looking to put on a big show.

Id just like to thank Red Corner for the opportunity. Also to thank all of my team. And I want to thank all of my family and the people who have supported me over the years.

Photo credit – The fighting Irish .ie

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