Mayweather-McGregor, what we learnt…

Mayweather Vs McGregor: Ok, we all know the result and im sure 99% of boxing & mma fans ended up watching the fight, so im not going to review the fight again. Instead,  I want to look at what we learnt from it?

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor

We learnt that at 40, Floyd Mayweather after 2 years out still looked as good and as sharp as he ever was. He showed no sign of age or ring-rust and stuck to his tactics and gameplan perfectly, culminating in the 10th round stoppage. If Mayweather was to make a comeback, iv no doubt that he could reclaim his throne at the top of boxing.

What about McGregor? Well, I think he deserves huge credit for the fight. Not only did he last 10 rounds with one of the best ever, he also managed to win a couple of rounds, probably taking all of the first three. Ok, he slowed down and his early pace took its toll on him, but overall I think he can hold his head up. There’s no shame in going out like he did to Mayweather, and who knows, maybe if he was to take a couple of tune up’s and build up to championship level he could possibly be a force in boxing.

Will it happen? absolutely not. Why would it, McGrgeor can now go back to the UFC as a 2 weight king with plenty of options and a healthy bank balance that has him set for life. There’s no way McGregor will take 6-8 rounders and work his way up the boxing ladder when he’s the main man in the UFC.

maymac 1

What about the future? Will boxing vs ufc fighters become a regular thing? Personally, I think on the back of this fight there will be more crossover bouts within the next year as promoters and tv companies try to cash in on the public interest from the back of this event.

Will it last? I certainly hope not. I think if this fight has shown us anything, it’s that each competitor should stick to their own sport and do what they do best.

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