Mayweather v McGregor – Expert predictions part 2…

More predictions from top fighters & promoters on the Mayweather Vs McGregor fight this Saturday…


Jono Carroll ( IBF European Champion) – Yeah it’s going to be interesting. It’s a show at the end of the day. Of course I want my fellow Irishman to win but I just can’t see it happening. Anyone has a punchers chance but you have to land flush, and if no one else could do it I just don’t see McGregor doing it but I’ll be crossing my fingers that he does

Steve Goodwin (Goodwin Boxing) – I just think it’s a farce. McGregor could do something to create a no contest or get DQ’d otherwise Floyd beats him as he wants to.

Kal Yafai (WBA super-flyweight world champion) – Mayweather wins by knockout in the 2nd half of the fight

Jason Quigley (13-0 middleweight) – McGregor will be the first man to knock Mayweather out cold

Sean Creagh (5-1 light-welterweight) – I have to back the Irish in this fight. Two men both at the same weight, anything can happen. Conor’s young and hungry but all that said, logic says Mayweather but heart says Mcgregor. I hope Conor sparks him inside 4 and as Eubank said “a dangerous Irish animal can not be underestimated”!

Mark Heffron (17-0 super-middleweight) – Yeah my opinion is I think Mayweather is going to give him a boxing lesson for maybe 5 rounds and stop him within 8 rounds. I don’t think he will knock him out, I think the ref might jump in and stop the fight

Keane ‘The Iceman’ McMahon (welterweight prospect) –  I think Conor has a punchers chance but he won’t land and Mayweather will. Boxing lesson.

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Tasha Jonas (Olympic medalist & lightweight prospect) – Mayweather easy. Unless he plays with him for a few rounds I can’t see it lasting past 6.

Tyrone McKenna (14-0-1 light-welterweight) – I love the Irish doing well and I love McGregor when he sticks to his own sport. But he’s entered uncharted territory in boxing and he’s taking on one of the best of our generation, he has no hope. I believe mayweather is going to dominate every round and the ref will be forced to jump in around the 7th or 8th round

Craig O’Brien (5-0 light-middleweight) – Mayweather wins by stoppage between rounds 6 – 9

Stephen Sharpe (Boxing Ireland Promotions) – For the sake of boxing I hope the obvious becomes reality and Mayweather delivers a performance that reflects the gulf in boxing class and ability that exists between both fighters. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of MMA and can’t get my head around the fact this fight is even happening. Conor McGregor is outstanding at what he does, but from a boxing perspective he doesn’t rate at a domestic level for me, actually he doesn’t get out of Crumlin when it comes to boxing. Conor McGregor doesn’t beat Philip Sutcliffe Jnr, I’d put my house on it. I give this fight four rounds, five max. Mayweather will take his time to feel McGregor out, respecting the punchers chance afforded to anyone who steps through the ropes. Once settled, the speed and technical class of Mayweather will quickly bring about the conclusion of this sorry affair.


Declan Trainor (cruiserweight prospect) – I would like to see McGregor win and catch mayweather off guard between rounds 1-4 . It will be a very interesting fight but with mayweather having a great defense he will be hard to hit so it could probably go the distance , being 1 or 2 rounds between one another.

Darren Cruise (middleweight contender) – I think McGregor’s awkward style might cause mayweather some problems early on, but once mayweather figures that out I think he will win comfortably on points. I think McGregor has a punchers chance but that’s about it but I hope mcgregor does the business

Regan Buckley (Flyweight prospect) – Either a stoppage win for mayweather anytime after the 6th round or a points win for mayweather if it goes the distance.

Victor Rabei (light-welterweight prospect) – I reckon McGregor is going to come out guns blazing in the early rounds, but mayweather will stay calm and outbox him. In the later rounds (6-9) mayweather will be too much for him and ref will stop the fight.

* So there you have it. A landslide in favour of Floyd Mayweather, with most predicting an easy nights work and mid to late rounds stoppage for the boxing legend. However, we’ve been here before, Conor McGregor has been up against it and proved the doubters wrong so many times.

So, will McGregor prove the doubters wrong again? or will Mayweather put on a boxing masterclass and show why he’s considered one of the finest to ever lace up the gloves?

All that’s left is to tune in this Saturday and watch the action unfold…..




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