Mayweather v McGregor – Expert Predictions part 1….

Does Floyd Mayweather still have what it takes at 40 years old to beat a young pretender? Or does Conor McGregor really have a chance of defeating a boxing legend and upsetting the odds yet again?

With only days to go to the much-anticipated Mayweather v McGregor bout, KO Boxing News caught up with some top fighters & promoters for their predictions on the most talked about fight in years…..


Billy Dib (two-time world champion) – Definitely an intriguing match up of two contrasting styles. One a master boxer and the other a master of the UFC art. In my humble opinion, I feel Floyd will not take any risks and will cruise to an easy points decision. I don’t feel that Conor possess the boxing ability to worry Floyd, his only chance of victory will be to knock Floyd out. As Floyd has previously said, 49 have tried 49 have failed, so I can only see Floyd winning an easy 12 round points decision.

Tyrone McCullagh (7-0 featherweight)  – I think Mayweather wins via stoppage in the middle rounds

Luke Watkins (11-0 cruiserweight) – Mayweather wins by stoppage, early in the 2nd half of the fight

Declan Geraghty (15-2 super-featherweight) – I think anything can happen in this fight. l believe Conor will go to him from the start and I see him hurting him. Mayweather says he’s gonna go at him and fight but l see Mayweather going back to his defensive style. I think it’s a million to one shot for Conor to win but he’s already hit that million to one shot before by where he came from to where he is now, so if anyone can do it it’s him #TeamMcgregor

Stevie Collins Jnr (10-1-1 light heavyweight) – Mayweather by late stoppage

Josh Goodwin (Goodwin Boxing) – Mayweather wins easy, mid to late round stoppage

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‘EL Tornado’ Tyler Goodjohn (13-5 welterweight) – I think Mayweather on a wide points decision, I think Mayweather will play with him but carry him to the finish line to make it more of a show for everyone.

Eric Donovan (4-0 featherweight) – A Mayweather stoppage, no doubt!

Luke Keeler (13-2 middleweight) – I fancy a late stoppage by Mayweather, I hope I’m wrong and Conor can land a huge left and shock world but can’t see it happening, some buzz if he did, he’ll be a billionaire if knocks out Mayweather!

Ted Cheeseman (9-0 light-middleweight) – Mayweather will play with him til the later rounds then stop him late

Colin O’Donovan ( featherweight prospect) – Mayweather ko’s McGregor in the 6th. Hopefully not but,  I’m behind McGregor, but that’s what I think’s gonna happen.

Con Sheehan (6-0 heavyweight) – Mayweather by stoppage, most likely whenever he feels like it to be honest!

Jay Byrne (5-2 welterweight) – Mayweather wins by late stoppage

*** You can check out part 2 of our prediction article tomorrow ***



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