Regan Buckley “Im not here to mess about”

In only his 2nd pro fight, Regan Buckley moves up two weight classes to take on Carl McDonald at super-bantamweight on the ‘Celtic Clash 3’ show on September 9th in The National Stadium, Dublin. This has the potential to be the fight of the night, not only is it a local clash but it’s also matching two undefeated fighter’s against each other.

I think both fighter’s need to be praised for taking this fight. Both are putting their undefeated record’s on the line when so many other fighter’s out there are too keen to protect their record.

Regan took time out of training to talk to KO Boxing News ahead of the fight –

regan buckley

KO – Your moving up two weights to take on Carl McDonald. What made you take this fight?

RB – I went pro because I want to be in big fights. Im not here to mess about, I want tough fights and eventually title fights. Iv fought at a good level in the amateurs so I dont want to waste time fighting journeymen. I took this fight against Carl because im confident and believe im going to win, there’s no doubt.

KO – And has there been a big difference with training in this camp?

RB – Bigtime, theres been a big focus on strength & conditioning but were doing it right and building to the weight properly. Iv been having some great sparring with Eric Donovan and iv a super-bantanweight coming over from the UK for sparring.

KO – After the fight will you stay at super-bantamweight?

RB – No, im planning to move back to my natural weight at Flyweight. Obviously it’s not a huge division, but I think I can progress quickly. There’s Paddy Barnes fighting for a european belt, and Charlie Edwards fought for a world title with less than 10 fights so im hoping I can move along quickly.

KO – Looking ahead, whats the plan for the next 12-18 months?

RB – As I said, il be moving back to flyweight and il be looking to fight for a celtic title in the next few months and then fight for an Irish title  within the next year.

Id also just like to thank my sponsors – TNT Gym, 3 Scaffolding & The Coach Inn bray, 

* Tickets for ‘Celtic Clash 3’ are on sale through – Ticketmaster or directly through any of the fighter’s involved *




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