Eric Donovan wants title fights sooner rather than later…

Eric ‘Lilywhite Lightning’ Donovan is a man on a mission. The Kildare Featherweight was a world-class amateur and won almost everything in the amateur ranks. Now at 32, he’s 4-0 (3 ko’s) as a pro and has looked superb so far. KO Boxing News caught up with the talented featherweight who is in no mood to waste time….

eric donovan 2

KO – Eric, your back in the ring on Sept 9th, headlining ‘Celtic clash 3‘, how’s training been going?

ED – Training is going well for the 9th, I’m on a strength and conditioning program for the purpose of building strength & power to match my speed and agility. Over the next 5 weeks I’ll be aiming to do 60-70 rounds of quality sparring.

KO – There’s been talk that there could be a title on the line, has that been confirmed yet?

ED – I’ve been preparing mentally & physically for a title fight, I’m just waiting for full confirmation as nothing is ever set in stone in this sport. I really hope it is a title fight because I’m ready and the fans want it too.

KO – You obviously had a great amateur career, what is it always your ambition to go pro?

ED – I was always an avid pro boxing fan, but as an amateur I felt my route to pro boxing was through the Olympic window. Unfortunately that never worked out for me and now I’m starting from the bottom and working my way up.

KO – Boxing Ireland Promotions obviously have a lot of faith in you with having you headline this show and previous ones. How does it feel at this stage in your pro career to headline a big show?

ED – Boxing Ireland Promotions know they have a quality, experienced fighter on their hands. My career has seen me mix it with the best in the world. I’ve been on the winning and losing side with world-class amateurs throughout my career and I’ve always handled myself well. They know I’m a headline attraction and I know I am too.

eric donovan 3

KO – You’ve just turned 32 now, so im sure you want to be moved along quickly, whats your aim for the next 12-18 months?

ED – Yes I turned 32 last week, thanks for reminding me! I feel like I have moved along nicely in my first 12 months as a pro. Over the next 12 months I want to be rapidly moving up the rankings by beating good opposition fighters and winning domestic titles. In 12-18 months I’d like to be knocking on the door for a European title.

KO – Looking domestically at the division, at this stage your nearly out on your own already, would you be tempted to move up to super-feather if the opportunity arose, possibly fight Declan Geraghty or Jono Carroll for his european belt?

ED – I’m very interested in those big fights, domestic or international. As you said, I’m 32 now, I don’t want to be doing this sport in 5-6 years time so therefore I need to challenge myself to see if I’m good enough or not. If there was a title on the line that really appealed to me, I’d fight for it no question, regardless of who has it.

KO –  Finally Eric, any final message for the fans reading this?

ED – I’d like to thank everyone who has got behind me so far in my career. It’s a wonderful feeling to know people believe in you and want to see you succeed, both inside and outside of the ring. I’d like to thank my sponsors Liffey Crane Hire, Daniel Lynch Civil, I’m A Friend (Anti Bullying Initiative). I’m also open for more sponsors to help me on my journey. You can contact me through Twitter or Facebook to receive my email and contact details.

You can contact Eric on Facebook –

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