Interview with Billy ‘The Kid’ Dib….

Billy Dib makes his much-anticipated return to the ring this saturday on the Adrien Broner-Mikey Garcia card against the tough Yardley Suarez. The two-time world champion is now working with renowned trainer Robert Garcia and is fighting for the first time this year. Billy took time out of training to talk to KO Boxing News –

billy dib

KO – So your first fight this year on Saturday v Yardley Suarez, how has training gone?

BD – The training has been fantastic, working under my new trainer Robert Garcia has truly been a blessing. I’m ready to put all our hard work into play come Saturday night once the bell rings.

KO –  As you mentioned, your working with Robert Garcia, how much does it help having an experienced trainer like that in your corner?

BD – I’m sure it will make all the difference. Robert is a well-respected trainer, he has a great boxing mind & I’m sure he can be the X factor in big fights.

KO – Your fighting on the Broner v Garcia card, is there any extra pressure to perform when fighting on a big show like that?

BD – No not at all. I have competed on the big stage many times before. To me this is just another fight a step in the right direction towards another world title opportunity.

billy dib 2

KO – You mentioned about a world title, it’s a great division right now, is there anyone In particular you’re hoping to get a shot at?

BD – At this stage I’m 100% focused on getting the win against Yardley. When it comes to the champions I’m happy to just sit back and watch it all unfold. When my opportunity presents itself I will be ready.

KO – Your still a Young guy at 31 & you’ve been a 2 time world champion, what would it mean to win another world title at this stage in you career?

BD – To win another world championship would give me a lot of self-satisfaction. To be recognized as a 2 division, 3 time world champion would truly be special.

Billy has had plenty of highs & lows in his career, including well documented promotional issues with rapper 50 Cent. But the always entertaining Aussie looks to be finally back. With some momentum and the right backing, there’s no doubt he can be back in the mix for a world title within his next few fights.

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