Irish Boxing – Top 10 Pound for Pound…

Staying closer to home, were looking at and ranking the current crop of Irish fighters, regardless of weight class.

As always, this is up for debate, so if you agree or disagree then leave a comment and let us know what you think….

irish boxing

  1. – Andy Lee (Middleweight) – Despite being 32, the big punching southpaw still has ambitions to reclaim a world title. What I love about Andy is that he has always said he is willing to fight anyone, whether it’s GGG, Jacobs or any of the other top contenders at middleweight. And I truly believe that on his best day, with those thunderous hooks, he’s a match for any middleweight out there not named GGG!
  2. Jason Quigley (Middleweight) – Currently boasting a perfect 13-0 record, Quigley has been gradually stepping up the level of opposition. Backed by golden boy promotions and based over in the USA, he’s getting plenty of tv time on undercard’s. But so far he’s backing up the hype. Personally, I like what I see, he’s shown great speed & power and in his last fight against Glen Tapia he showed he can go the distance and out box a reputable opponent.
  3. Michael Conlan (Super Bantamweight) – Despite only having a 3-0 pro record, Conlan has shown enough in the amateur ranks to justify his position on the list. Already he looks like a star in the making, and with his aggressive come-forward style and with the backing of Top Rank promotions, he will no doubt have the right platform to showcase his skills and build a big fan base stateside. Dont be surprised to see him in a world title fight within the next 2 years.
  4. Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan (Middleweight) – Sticking with the middleweights, Spike has shown that he has what it takes to be a top 10 contender despite his loss against Eubank Jr. Since then, he has relocated stateside and notched up a string of victories. A potential match with Quigley could really be one to watch as both carry a lot of power and are never afraid to slug it out.
  5. Katie Taylor (Lightweight) – After achieving everything in the amateur ranks, Taylor has taken to the pro game like a natural. Despite only having a 5-0 record, she looks destined to be a world champion. Even at this early stage she could probably challenge for a title. A fight in New York this month will give her more coverage stateside and boost her profile ahead of a possible world title shot end of this year or early 2018.
  6. Jono Carroll (Super Featherweight) – Newly crowned IBF European champion Jono Carroll is going from strength to strength. With a 14-0 record, he now holds one of the major titles in europe, giving him a boost in the rankings and lines up some potential big fights. With ambitions to fight stateside and with the backing of Frank Warren and regular appearances on Boxnation, his journey is certainly one to follow. Hopefully he can bring those big world title fights back to Dublin.
  7. Stephen Ormond (Lightweight) – With a 24-4 record, Stephen has tested himself at world level, and was in the mix against WBO holder Terry Flanagan before he got disqualified. He also boasts victories over Derry Matthews and avenged his loss to Zoltan Szabo. He’s always entertaining to watch and I feel with the right matchmaking he can still go on to challenge for world honour’s.
  8. Luke Keeler (Middleweight) – 13-2 (5 ko’s) After his recent win over Darren Cruise, the always entertaining middleweight has ambitions to fight for a european title within the next 12 months.
  9. Declan Geraghty (Super Featherweight) 15-2 (4 ko’s) Geraghty scored a fine win in Glasgow recently against hometown fighter Michael Roberts. Always willing to fight the best, Geraghty still has ambitions of claiming a big title. And with his natural ability, you feel he will always be in the mix against any feather/super featherweight out there.
  10. Paddy McDonagh (Light Heavyweight) 11-2 Despite being inactive for 2 years, McDonagh scored a very impressive win against the heavily favoured Stevie Collins jnr. With a bit of momentum and activity, McDonagh can surely be a major force on the domestic scene.

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