New Faces: Keane ‘The Iceman’ McMahon

In our New Faces series were talking to new prospects in the pro game. Boxers that are starting out or pro’s returning to the sport. Earlier this week we caught up with exciting Dublin welterweight prospect Keane ‘The Iceman’ McMahon –

keane mcmahon

KO – You had a great amateur record, but was it always your ambition to turn pro?

KM – Yeah iv always wanted to turn pro. As an amateur my goal was to be an Irish champion, which I was lucky enough to be 6 times. Then I remember in the intermediate’s I was going for another national title and I lost a bad decision, so that made my mind up for me about joining the pro ranks.

KO –  What made you decide to sign with Boxing Ireland Promotions?

KM – To be honest, I had a few offers on the table, but after speaking with Leonard Gunning & Stephen Sharpe, they outlined their plan, and I could see right away that they’re serious and committed to this. They want to do this the right way and put on big shows here in Ireland. So for me starting out as a pro, that’s what I need, plenty of fights and build momentum.

KO – Looking at your debut fight, I was impressed with some of the body shots you landed, especially the left hook to the body in the 3rd round, was that something you’ve really been working on?

KM – Iv always loved landing body shots. Iv got great variety in my shots so I love mixing between head and body. I think because im a welterweight that’s 6’1, people are surprised when they see me landing so many shots to the body. But over the next few fights your going to see me stopping guys with those shots.

KO – In terms of training, has there been a big difference since youve turned pro?

KM – Definitely, iv been working with Johnny Knott on fitness, strength & conditioning. So if it’s a 6 week camp, il start 2 weeks earlier and work on fitness and strength and build up to explosive reps. So it has me in great shape and im making the weight easy at the moment.

And im 6’1 so im huge for the weight. So as im developing you could see me moving up through the weights to light-middle & middleweight.

KO – For any boxing fans not familiar with you, how would you describe your style?

KM – Id say im a boxer/puncher. In the amateurs I was known as a good technical boxer on the back-foot. But iv developed that now, so im fighting at mid-range and working on the shots close up while still showing good technical ability.

KO – How did ‘The Iceman‘ nickname come about?

KM – It was actually from the film The Iceman. I was a big fan of it and talking about it a lot, so the lads started calling me Iceman and it just stuck!

KO – Your back in the ring on Sept 9th in the National Stadium , and looking ahead, whats the plan for you for the next year or so?

KM – Yeah im looking to finish the year with at least 3 fights under my belt. And im going to be looking at title fights then next year.

KO – Looking domestically, welterweight is a good division. There’s – Jay Byrne, Gerard Whitehouse, Peter McDonagh (Irish Champion), anyone you’re hoping to get a shot at?

KM – Id love to fight all of them to be honest. Im here to collect titles whether it’s the Irish or Celtic title, so im up for those big fights. Especially if it’s a big domestic fight that could headline and sell out the National Stadium. And if that’s what the fans want then im up for it.

With Keane’s exciting, fan-friendly style, it’s another great addition to the Irish pro ranks, and it looks like he’s in good hands with Boxing Ireland Promotions, who might have a real star on their books.

You can see the latest from Keane ‘The Iceman’ McMahon on Facebook –

Photo credit – Patrick Scully


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