Interview with Liam Williams…

Liam Williams is a man on a mission. After his controversial loss to Liam Smith in April for the light-middleweight WBO interim title, he’s keener then ever to get back in the ring.

KO Boxing News spoke to the talented World title challenger and current British & Commonwealth light-middleweight champion –

liam williams

KO – You suffered a nasty cut over your eye in the Smith fight, hows it healing up?

LW – Yeah, it was pretty nasty. But it’s one of those things in boxing isn’t it. But after the fight I went away on holidays with the family and just let it heal up. Luckily its healed up really well.

KO – Has there been any word on a re-match with Liam Smith?

LW – Yeah, iv been told it’s happening in October-November. Im just waiting for it to be finalised. But that’s the fight I want 100%. It’s just really disappointing with how the first fight ended, so I want to set the record straight.

KO – And do you know if it will be for the WBO title?

LW – Im not sure to be honest. I think it could be a final eliminator for the belt. So im hoping I can fight for the full title within the next 2 fights. Obviously if I had won the first fight with Smith, with Canelo Alvarez vacating, that meant I would have been the new champion, but that’s how it goes. I just need to do it all over again.

KO – Apart from Smith, is there anyone else you’re hoping to line up?

LW – You know, iv been saying to my team I want to fight Miguel Cotto. He’s a legend in the game, and someone Iv always watched over the years, so id love to share a ring with him. It could be tough to make the fight, but I know if Im the WBO champion that would be a big incentive for him, but that’s the kind of fight I want.


KO – Looking domestically, your still the British & Commonwealth champion. Are you planning to defend your titles?

LW – It really depends on how much time I have. There’s been talk of fighting Ted Cheeseman, who’s promoted by Eddie Hearn, but it would depend on the money to be honest. No disrespect to Ted or any of the other lads, but im looking for world level fights now. Iv shown in my last fight that’s where I belong.

KO – Domestically, you and Smith are top of the division. Would you be tempted to move up to Middleweight, maybe challenge Billy Joe Saunders for the Middleweight title?

LW – That’s an interesting one. But 100% id take that fight. We’re friends and iv great respect for Billy Joe, but it’s business at the end of the day, so yeah id take that fight. And I think it would be a great fight for the fans too.

KO – Any final message for the boxing fans out there?

LW – Thanks for all the continued support, I really appreciate it. And I cant wait to get back in the ring and back in action soon.

It’s fair to say that whatever Liam Williams does over the next year or so, it’s going to be interesting. And with his all-action style, there’s no doubt he’ll be involved in more fight of the year candidates.

You can see the latest from Liam on his site –

Or you can follow him on Twitter . @LiamdullW or


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