Interview with Declan Geraghty….

Following on from his excellent points win against Michael Roberts in Glasgow, KO Boxing News spoke to Declan Geraghty


KO – Well done on the win, it must have felt good getting the win against Roberts on his home turf?

DG – Yeah it was great. Iv been travelling everywhere to fight and sometimes that just what you have to do. He had plenty of support there but I brought over a lot of great supporters too. Especially after the loss to Tennyson, I wanted to get back to winning ways, and I didn’t want a journeyman, I wanted a good hard fight.

KO – How did training camp go for the fight?

DG – To be honest, I only had a 5 week camp. So it was a bit last-minute after his original opponent pulled out. I didn’t have a lot of sparring either so I was pacing myself at times in there.

KO – Looking back at the fight, where you happy with your performance?

DG – Not really to be honest! I know I can box a lot better than that. He was an awkward, slippy kind of opponent that was hard to break down. But at the end of the day, I wanted it more and at times I had to walk him down. Especially in the last few rounds, I was fighting up close and I knew I was hurting him with uppercuts and body shots.

KO – So looking ahead, when are you hoping to fight again?

DG – It’s looking like September-October, hopefully in some kind of title shot. Im hoping to have 2 more fights this year, both in 10 rounders.

KO – Super-featherweight is a really good division right now, is there anyone domestically or in the UK your hoping to fight?

DG – I want good, hard fights so il fight anyone weather its at super-feather or even lightweight. I want to fight guys that are ranked ahead of me, so it doesn’t matter who it is. Id like to fight for a european title within my next 2 fights

KO – How about a re-match with Jono Carroll?

DG – 100% id want that fight. But we’ll see how it goes, at the moment im playing catch-up. But if I keep winning im right back in the mix for those big headline fights.

You can see the latest from Declan Geraghty here on Twitter  –


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