Ohara Davies aims to knock Taylor out this Saturday….

Ohara Davies says his fight with the talented Josh Taylor will not last beyond the sixth round as ‘Two Tanks’ believes a knockout is the only result.

Someone’s ‘0’ has to go this Saturday when these two Light-Welterweight’s share the ring at the Braehead Arena in Scotland.

Davies has stopped 12 of his 15 opponents, while Taylor has 8 ko’s in 9 fights, and the Hackney man fully expects an explosive encounter with Taylor –

davies v taylor

“I reckon that I knock him out early,” Davies said. “This fight is not going to go past round six. Either I’m going to go before round six, or he’s going to go before round six. No way do I see this fight going past six rounds.

“If we stand and trade, I’m confident that I’ll be the last man standing. I’ve got too much power for him. He has got skills, but I’ve also got skills – and that’s what people don’t know.

“Once you get in the ring and you see how awkward I am, how long my arms are, how fast I actually am, then you realise that ‘I’ve totally misjudged this guy’.

“That’s a mistake that a few of my other opponents have made and I reckon that’s the same mistake that Taylor is making.”

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