Is it the end for Pacquiao?

pac horn

Following on from his latest defeat to Jeff Horn, many people will surely be expecting Manny Pacquiao to call a day on his hall of fame career. During his career the 11 time world champion has taken on and beaten the best of the best in his prime.

Any boxing fan out there knows that the Pacquiao of 2004-2014 would have wiped the floor with Jeff Horn within a few rounds. Obviously you cant take anything away from Jeff Horn, he might have been on the right side of the judge’s decision but he fought the fight of his life and scored his biggest win to date, and probably of the rest of his career.

But if you look a bit closer over Pac’s recent fights in the last 3 years, you’ll see a string of wins against top class opposition. In 2016 alone he beat Jessie Vargas & Tim Bradley in unanimous decisions, he looked back to his best in those fights . Prior to that, he beat Algieri, Rios and Bradley, while only losing on points to Mayweather.

So what happened – was it just a bad night? was he really motivated to fight Jeff Horn? Or has he suddenly aged overnight, as many boxers do?

Personally, when he’s on form, I think Pac is still a match against any Welterweight in the top 10 despite his recent loss. Im not saying he’s going to beat all the top 10, but he will certainly be competitive.

The only question remaining is – how much motivation does he have left after 68 fights?

Got an opinion?  Leave your comment below…..

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