Interview with Jono Carroll – Part 2….

jono carroll 2

KO – With being based in Marbella with MTK, how much has it helped having the likes of Tom Stalker, Stephen Ormond, Paddy Barnes, Tyrone McKenna in the gym with you?

JC – It’s great, I mean if you look at Tom Stalker, he was the captain of Team GB, and he’s fought all over the world, so he has tonnes of experience. There’s Stephen Ormond who’s excellent, iv sparred with Terry Flanagan (WBO Lightweight champion).

Iv even been training with Billy Joe Saunders & Tyson Fury. And it’s great having those guys in the gym because you can learn so much and pick their brains about different things and training methods. I remember asking Tyson Fury did he always think he would be Heavyweight champion, and he said right from his first amateur bout he knew he would be world champion, so you can see the belief they have and that’s great to be around for someone like me who’s still learning in the pro game.

KO – Looking domestically at the rankings in the division, you’ve got James Tennyson, Anthony Cacace, Martin Ward, Liam Walsh, Stephen Smith, so it’s a tough division. Are there any names there that you’d like to get in there with?

JC – You know what, they’re all really good fighters, but im looking at the top of the rankings, im looking at guys in the top 15-20. Now that im European champion, I want to progress and have those big fights.

Personally, id love to go over to America and have some fights over there. id love to fight in Vegas, New-York and fight one of the big names over there. Id rather take a big risk and fight one of the big names over there like Jose Pedraza, Gonzalez and those kinda guys and build a name for myself over there.

And with the Irish fans over there it would be unreal to experience that, like what Mick Conlan is doing. I want to go over there and make a name for myself, eventually I want those big fights in Vegas & Madison Square Garden and see billboard’s up promoting my fight. And I want to bring all the Irish fans over there with me for those big nights.

KO – Personally, I think a fight with you and Stephen Smith would be a great matchup, he’s a big name and well placed in the rankings

JC – Yeah definitely, like you said, he’s a big name, and he’s only lost in world title fights. That’s the kind of fight that would make sense to me, a high risk and high reward. To me, that’s an interesting fight and something id be up for, I want those big headline fights.

The thing is for me, even sharing a ring with these big names, you learn from those fights and pick things up. Like even in Prizefighter, Gary Buckland landed a lovely little shot on me to the stomach and that’s a shot I picked up and use now.

KO – Ok, You’ve recently been boxing on Frank Warren’s cards on Boxnation, are you contracted there for more fights?

JC – No, im basically a free agent. Frank Warren has done me a massive favour getting me on these shows. He has a good relationship with my management at MTK so we managed to get some fights on Boxnation.

I havent even sat down and had a chat with him about contract’s to be honest. Like, people said I had a 5 fight contract with Eddie Hearn, but that never actually happened. At the moment im bringing fans to Frank’s shows and viewers to Boxnation, so it’s a good working relationship and that’s obviously down to MTK. And like I said, my dream is to get over and fight in America, so hopefully they can make that happen.

Or id love to win a world title and bring it back to Ireland and defend it here. It’s been a while since we’ve had those big title fights back home, not since the Bernard Dunne days. So I want to be the guy bringing home the big world title fights again.

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