New Faces: Victor Rabei

In our New Faces series were talking to new prospects in the pro game. Boxers that are starting out or pro’s returning to the sport. Earlier this week we caught up with exciting Dublin Light-Welterweight prospect Victor Rabei –

victor rabei

KO – First off, well done on your first pro win over Chris Adaway, were you expecting a tough debut like that?

VR – Thank you! I wanted a tough debut, I want good tough fights. I’ve brought a big crowd and it was only fair.

KO –  looking at the fight, I was impressed with some of the body shots you landed, especially the right hook to the body, was that something youve really been working on?

VR – I’ve watched some of Chris’s fights before and knew that the body is where I needed to work in order to open his guard a little. So my coach and I worked a lot on that at the gym

KO –  And for any boxing fans out there not familiar with you yet, how would you describe your style?

VR – Style wise, I don’t think I’ve shown anywhere near what I’m like. I’m a smart boxer, and I don’t rush into making decisions. Chris was an awkward fighter, which made it a little tougher for me to show what I can do. But I love to fight, I love to work on the inside, box long, move, and trade when needed.

KO – You had a pretty good amateur record, but was it always your ambition to turn pro?

VR – Yes, it was always my dream to turn over. My style suits me a lot more in the pros and overall it’s more exciting.

KO – Ok, and looking ahead, whats the plan for you for the next year?

VR – I want to be very active and in a position to go for a Celtic title. I want to get the four rounders out of the way and maybe get a local dust-up. This time next year, I want everyone to know who I am.

KO – Is there anyone domestically at light-welter you’re hoping to get a shot at?

VR – I’m not going to shy away from it, I want to fight Sean Creagh. I’ve said this before, but we need to do it right. He wanted to fight me on the 24th, with 4 weeks notice and over 4 rounds. I know he can sell tickets, he has a great fan base, and I can sell tickets. Why not fight over 6-8 rounds and main event a card in Dublin, make some money and put on a good fight for the fans.

Having watched Victor on his debut, I can say he’s certainly an exciting talent. Already he shows an excellent shot selection with great body shots. And he’s clearly looking to move along quickly and make a mark on the domestic scene.

You can see the latest from Victor on Instagram  or – @victorrabei




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