GGG: “The Canelo fight is my biggest yet”

ggg v canelo

Ahead of his fight with Canelo on Sept 16th, the middleweight king is looking forward to his toughest fight yet –

“The last two, maybe three years, I wanted this fight,” Golovkin said. “I’m very excited…Every day, I learn. Right now, I feel great. My body, because I’m 35, is old (but) I believe, on September 16, I’ll look my best. I understand the situation. I understand it’s my biggest fight; it’s my biggest opponent.

“It’s a huge day for my career; I need this day. Right now, I feel on top. My energy – I feel like Superman right now.”

And its a fight that GGG thinks the fans are going to love –

“Mexican style is kind of a bonus for the fans, it’s going to be more excitement. Were going to be going at it in the middle of the ring. I don’t go backwards; Canelo’s not going to go backwards. We might shift a little bit but it’s not going to be a boring 12-round fight.”

One thing’s for sure, with these two fighters at their peak, were guaranteed an all action Middleweight war that could rival Hagler / Hearns all those years ago.

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