Conor McGregor will stick with his mma team for upcoming boxing bout…

UFC 205: Alvarez v McGregor

It looks like Conor McGregor is sticking with that he knows. Instead of bringing in a new boxing coach for his bout with Mayweather, so far it looks like he’s sticking with his current setup according to his striking coach Owen Roddy –

‘At the moment, it’s going to be me, John, possibly Artem and I think there’s four,’ Roddy said. ‘Obviously he’ll have to get his own cut man and stuff like that. He hasn’t sorted that just yet. But it’ll definitely be myself, John and Artem at the moment.’

‘We’re not bringing anybody in as of yet, but who knows down the line, We’re gonna head over the states in the next couple of weeks.”

Could this be a big mistake? Over the years, the best boxers & legendary trainers have all tried to come up with a plan to beat Mayweather without success. Only time will tell….

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