New Faces – Declan Trainor

In this series were talking to new prospects in the pro game. Boxers that are due to make debut’s or Pro’s returning to the sport. This week we spoke to exciting Warrenpoint Cruiserweight Declan Trainor –

declan trainor

KO – Declan youve been out of boxing for nearly 4 years, why did you decide to return now?

Declan: ” Iv been keeping active and fit the whole time, and I think the cruiserweight division is wide open so im ready to rock again”

KO – For any Boxing fans not familiar with you, how would you describe your style?

Declan – ” Im an orthodox fighter, I like to adapt my style in every fight to my opponent, im confident of boxing in any style, brawling up close or outboxing an opponent at range”

KO – looking ahead, your pencilled in to fight on sept 9th in the national stadium, whats the plan then for the next year?

Declan – ” Yeah, im looking to move things along quickly, il be aiming for British & European level title fights in 12-18 months. The likes of Ian Tims, Tommy McCarthy and Luke Watkins are out there, and I think everyone is beatable. Luke Watkins pulled out of a fight with me previously so id gladly take that fight again.”

KO – So your still aiming to fight at cruiserweight?

Declan – ” That’s it, im a full cruiserweight right now, but come fight night I aim to come in very light, im looking to bring a lot of speed and power in there with me, so I could possibly look at light-heavyweight down the line.”

KO – And have you started into training yet?

Declan ” Yeah, the plan is to train 6 days a week, bring in different sparring partners for variety, do a lot of pad work and work on technique and things like that”

I think Declan’s journey is going to be an exciting one to watch. He’s certainly confident and has all the attributes to make a mark on the cruiserweight division.

Declan is due to make his debut for Boxing Ireland Promotions on Sept 9th in the National Stadium Dublin.




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