Mayweather Vs McGregor…..

mayweather v mcgregor

So, it’s finally official for August 26th in Vegas. This fight will bring out an opinion from everyone that’s a fan of boxing, mma and any casual fight fans. The build up alone will be worth tuning in for.

Personally I think in a ring under boxing rules there will only be 1 winner, and that’s Mayweather. I hope McGregor really makes a good account of himself which im sure he will. But at the same time, people forget that this is the man who was top of boxing for over a decade and beat all in front of him, went 12 rounds against pacquiao, who couldn’t land a glove on him.

Of course there will always be the element of WHAT IF McGregor lands a big left? And that’s what makes it interesting, because we all know McGregor is a big puncher, but Mayweather has been in with the biggest punchers in boxing, and not one of them has managed to floor Mayweather in nearly 50 fights!

We all know Mayweather isn’t going to really hurt or knock McGregor out, so in that sense it’s nearly a risk free fight for McGregor, so why not fight the biggest name in boxing and get a career high payday, rumoured to be close to 50 million, not bad going for a 28 year old Dublin lad!

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