Interview with Darren Cruise

darren cruise

KO Boxing News spoke to Darren Cruise ahead of his fight with Luke Keeler for the Irish Middleweight title on June 24th in the national stadium Dublin, and Darren was in bullish mood….

KO – Hi Darren, so ahead of your fight with Luke, how has your training camp gone?

Darren – ” Training has gone brilliant, I have left no stone unturned, I know that Luke is a top fighter so I have to be on my game which I will be ”

KO – looking at the matchup, what kind of fight are you expecting from luke?

Darren – ” I’m expecting luke to be aggressive, it’s the way he fights but my boxing ability will prevail. I’m expecting the toughest fight of my career which is why iv trained harder than I ever have before”

KO – Have you brought in any specific sparring partners to cater for Luke’s style?

Darren – ” No not really, I focus on myself, I don’t focus on how luke fights, I focus on how I fight and the things I want to do. I have had extremely tough sparring partners that push me all the way because I know luke will so iv prepared well”

KO – Do you think this fight will be won on your skill set over luke’s attacking abilities?

Darren – “Yes for sure, luke does not have my boxing ability and I know he believes I can’t punch, but trust me I can punch at middleweight, which I showed in my last fight. luke has never fought anybody with my skill set”

KO – Looking at the names that held this title, steve collins, macklin, jim rock, eamon o’kane, what would it mean to you to win this belt?

Darren – ” This belt means so much to me, it’s all I want. Iv won 4 irish titles as an amateur and to win one as a pro and join the list of names that has previously won the belt will make me very proud. I just fell short of winning the super middleweight belt but I won’t fall short this time”

KO – I think all boxing fans are looking forward to this one. do you have a final message for the fans reading this and going to the fight?

Darren – “Yes, I would like to thank everybody from Roscommon and Galway for all the support they have given me. I would also like to thank my sponsors Keith Revins tyres, Active Fitness and leisure, and Headmaster’s barbers for all their support. And finally, I hope the fans enjoy what I believe is the best domestic fight in many years”

The show will also feature –

  • Steve Collins Jnr Vs Paddy McDonagh for the Irish Light Heavyweight belt
  • Chris Blaney Vs Nicky Jenman

Ray Moylette, Victor Rabei and a host of other fighters are on the stacked under-card.

Tickets for the show on June 24th are still on sale and are available from red corner promotions or from the fighters involved.

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