Mythical Match up’s Part 2…

groves v smith

     George Groves Vs Callum Smith ( Super Middleweight )

Continuing with our mythical match up series. Today were looking at the super middleweight division. Over the years this has been the glamour division in the UK, producing a string of top class boxers from Benn, Eubank, Calzaghe & Froch. And the matchup im looking at is George Groves Vs Callum Smith.

Both are top class operator’s, and Groves is a recently crowned world champion following his victory over Chudinov. So with a world title on the line, it would make this fight even more interesting. Callum Smith currently has a perfect 22-0 record with 17 ko’s, including an early demolition of Rocky Fielding. He’s also due to challenge Anthony Dirrell for the WBC crown in September. Meaning both belts could be up for grabs.

How the fight plays out –  I think Smith will keep it tight for the first few rounds while he forces groves to work on the back foot for most of the early rounds. Groves will look to land his snapping jab and wing in those body shots, while Smith will counter with solid combo’s, always looking to land a hurtful shot. As the fight goes on, I can see Smith taking over with his workrate and excellent inside boxing skills.

Early Prediction – Callum Smith wins by ko/tko in rounds 10-12

I think Smith will gradually wear Groves down, and his defence will become ragged as the fight progresses. Smith will eventually start landing hurtful body shots and hooks to the head, eventually taking it’s toll on Groves, I think the referee will step in and call the fight off, saving Groves from any more punishment.

Agree or disagree, leave a comment below and let’s hear your opinion….

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