Mythical Match Up’s – Part 1

Kicking off the series were going to look at mythical matchup’s we all want to see.

This week im looking at the best potential fights in the UK –


mythical matchp 1

1 – Anthony Joshua Vs Tyson Fury (Heavyweight)

This is a fight that surely has to happen by the end of 2018. Even though Joshua has all the belts, can he really even claim to be the best Heavyweight in the UK?

We all kow that Joshua has been destroying everyone they put in front of him and looking like the reincarnation of Iron Mike. Just off the back of that epic battle with Klitschko, there’s no doubt he will be full of confidence.

However, people are quick to forget that Fury is also an unbeaten young champion who went to Klitschko’s back yard and schooled him over 12 rounds. Although Fury doesnt have the explosive power of his rival, I believe he has the better all round skills and the style to give him problems for the full 12 rounds. Also, Klitschko was only 1 or 2 punches away from knocking Joshua out, who seemed out on his feet until the 10th round.

Early Prediction – Fury by unanimous decision –  Fury survives an early scare, maybe even a knockdown in the first 3 rounds, but take’s control of the fight by the mid rounds, and despite a late rally from Joshua, Fury goes on to claim a surprisingly comfortable points victory.

Agree or disagree?  lets hear from you….


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