Big Fight Recap – Stevenson V Fonfara II


Adonis Stevenson is not a man that has time on his side. And that showed last night as he made light work of Fonfara.

Right from the start Stevenon looked to land those big hurtful left hands on fonfara, and dropped him early on in the fight in round 1. What followed in round 2 was expected. When Stevenson smells blood, he doesnt mess around, he looks to finish the job in style. So after a lot of unanswered shots the fight was correctly waved off. Fonfara for his part is as brave and tough as they come and would no doubt have wanted to carry on, but he was up against it from round 1 last nght.

So, where does this win leave Stevenson??  After the fight he made it pretty clear –

“I’m the greatest, I’m the king,” said Stevenson, 39, who wore a crown and matching red robe. “I don’t have to call anybody, baby. I’m Superman, baby. Whoever Al Haymon puts me in with, I’m ready, baby.”

We have heard this before, but now I think its time to really step up to the plate for those elite fights with Andre Ward and Kovalev. And one thing’s for sure, with his natural speed & power and finishing ability, he’s always in with a real chance against anyone out there.

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